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We are a London based cloth development company, with over a decade of experience at the forefront of fashion fabric supply. Our designers work on independent and team lead research for a constantly evolving collection, as well as developing designs in collaboration with manufacturers and retailers. Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, with thriving vintage shops, florists, gritty urban wall art and often eccentrically dressed trend setters; there is no end to the inspiration that can be found. Combining this inspiration with the latest trends and catwalk reaction gives us a fashion forward and innovative range. With an output of over 2000 designs a year and a substantial archive of designs reaching over 17000, we are a strong choice in the competitive fashion market.



MCD is the London based branch of Beztas, one of the biggest fabric producers in Turkey. Beztas benefit from over 25 years of experience as the company has evolved into a fully integrated vertical mill, they specialise in weaving, spinning, dying and printing. They have the latest in bulk digital and paper printing equipment boasting one of the fastest digital printing machines in the world, as well as bulk scale screen printing and cloth finishing facilities. They are constantly developing new woven, knitted and printed base cloths; exploring new fibres and finishes; delivering exciting, original concepts in the ever changing landscape of fashion apparel. This places them at the forefront of the industry, they exhibit twice a year at the Texworld fabric show in Paris.


The combination of both teams gives us the versatility to supply to a wide range of customers from Coast and House of Fraser to Topshop, Primark and George.






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